Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2008 - 2022

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Jennie Johnston
Girl Scout Troops 40054, 41873, 40873
Corbett, ORUSA

We decorated 26 bags!

About our project: Our Girl Scout troop loved decorating the bags with "green" messages! The project provided an opportunity to discuss Earth Day and now they want to coordinate a day to pick up trash.

submitted on 4/3/2014

Shalee Hanks
Bend Parks and Recreation District

We decorated 305 bags!

About our project: I help run two programs through Bend Parks and Recreation District, KIDS INC and Operation Recreation. We offer before and after school care as well as non-school day camps to school age children. Out of 12 sites, we had 8 participate. The kids really got into decorating the bags and all had wonderful ideas on how to spread environmental awareness.

submitted on 4/13/2012

Shawn Diez
Sisters Elementary School
Sisters, ORUSA

We decorated 125 bags!

About our project: We celebrated Earth Day all week long with a different theme each day. Thursday before Earth Day was "bring your own bag to the store" and we encouraged students to talk to their parents about it. And then in our regular counseling lessons, the students decorated bags. This was primarily 1st and 2nd graders but another 4th grade teacher also did it in her class. The kids loved it and made some wonderful, creative designs on their bags.

submitted on 4/21/2011

Shawn Diez
Sisters Elementary School
Sisters, ORUSA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: A parent connected me to this website and during my weekly counseling classroom time during Earth Day week I did a lesson with the students. First we brainstormed ideas of how they could help take care of the earth and then how they could illustrate these ideas in words and pictures to send a message with the bags. While they were finishing their bags, I read a story to them, either "The Great Kapok Tree" or "Dear Children of the Earth" which both have a great message about taking care of the earth. Finally, I took the completed bags to Rays and they were distributed on Earth Day to shoppers.

submitted on 4/27/2010

Renee' Browne
Hillcrest Elementary School
North Bend, ORUSA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: This is our first year participating in this project. The students had a great time brainstorming the message they wanted to share with the world. The bags we received were covered in advertisements so we chose to put our message on pictures that could be glued over the advertisements. This turned out to be a wonderful way to connect school and community, teach the students about the importance of protecting our resources, and celebrate a day focused around simple choices we can all make. The one tip I would suggest is to get your bags early enough that you can adjust the lessons if needed. I think it is important to send home a note with the students to let parents know that they should shop at this particular store on Earth Day because it helps motivate the stores to participate. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this project! I look forward to it next year.

submitted on 4/24/2010