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Tammy Jones-Lepp
Troop 520
Las Vegas, NVUSA

We decorated 20 bags!

About our project: We bought 20 cloth grocery bags. The girls decorated the bags with Earth Day stencils and silk screened mottos & symbols. They made a poster for display at the store. The morning of Earth Day, 2010, the bags & display were delivered. We asked the manager if the bags could be donated to those who might not otherwise buy a re-usable cloth bag, e.g., senior citizens, etc.. We spoke to the manager afterwards, and he said our project was a success, and that everyone who got a bag was delighted with the artwork the girls had done.

submitted on 5/27/2010

Natalie Trouten
Mountain View Elementary

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: We love participating in the worthwhile project! This is our 3rd year, and every year more teachers participate. It's very exciting to talk with our students about doing our little part to help our planet, and the kids are always more than willing to help out!

submitted on 4/25/2010

Danielle Campbell
Carson Valley Middle School
Gardnerville, NVUSA

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: We completed this activity as a seventh grade inter-curricular community project. Thanks for the great idea.

submitted on 4/19/2010

Natalie Trouten
Mountain View Elementary

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: 12 classrooms at our school volunteered to participate this year. Albertson's grocery store donated the bags. When we turned them in, they hung them up on the walls of the store before handing them out to customers. It was great to see our work displayed, and to know that the bags would be distributed around the community.

submitted on 4/22/2009

Natalie Trouten
Mountain View Elementary School

We decorated 130 bags!

About our project: The first grade at Mountain View Elementary school decided to do something a little different for Earth Day. We got together to watch the Earth Day Groceries Power Point and the kids decided that they wanted to participate. Students looked through reports and pictures from schools all over the world who participated last year for ideas for their bags. Each first grade student completed at least one bag. The bags were offered to Smith's grocery store customers. They ran out before lunch time! The manager was thrilled to take part in this project. Overall it was a huge success and much more memorable than just reading and writing about Earth Day!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/1/2008