Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Stephanie Lightfoot
Dobson Elementary
Dobson, NC USA
We decorated 550 bags!
About our project: We had a wonderful time creating the bags. It is a wonderful project to get involved with Earth Day.

Report submitted on 4/25/2002

Bronwyn Tongue
Florosa Elementary School
Mary Esther, FL USA
We decorated 561 bags!
About our project: We love celebrating Earth Day at Florosa Elementary School. Every student participates. We invited Nonie's Ark Animal Encounters to share her animals and how to take care of her animals. The Recycling Officer from Okaloosa County talked to us about ways to reduce, recycle and reuse items and even brought several items made from recycled paper to show our students. Of course, every student created their own slogan and artwork on their grocery bags and submitted them to Art Students from our local community college, OWCC, who judged each classroom's bags and found a winner. The winning bags were displayed at Food World in Fort Walton Beach over Earth Day weekend. Lowe's donated flowers to plant in our nature trail as well. We had a great time during our Earth Week at Florosa Elementary.

Report submitted on 4/25/2002

Monmouth County Planning Board
Monmouth County Planning Board
Freehold, NJ USA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: About 300 bags were decorate at our Earth Day Fair and at 3 schools around the county. We gave the bags and informative signs to Super Foodtown of Wall so that the customers would understand why their bags were decorated.

Report submitted on 4/24/2002

Donna Mackleer
George Hess Complex
Mays Landing, NJ USA
We decorated 1000 bags!
About our project: All of the teachers really enjoyed it so the 2 bundles of 500 went quick!

Report submitted on 4/19/2002

San Carlos Elementary School
Ft. Myers, FLUSA
We decorated 1010 bags!
About our project: Our entire school participated in this project. We decorated over 1,000 bags! The help and support of the teachers and administrators is what made Earth Day Bags a successful community project. Publix Grocery Store, which donated the bags, is a wonderful partner and supporter of education.

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Report submitted on 4/14/2002

lithonia headstart
Decatur, GAUSA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: Children decorated the paper bags that were were generously donated and we had a parent volunteer take them to the Publix / Ingles grocery stores where they were reused.

Report submitted on 4/7/2002

Kansas City, MOUSA
We decorated 60 bags!
About our project: I came across the information for earthday bags while reading about environmental issues and thought this would be a fun and educational activity I could do in my art class. It was a great learning experience and the kids enjoyed the idea of seeing their bags in the grocery store.

Report submitted on 4/2/2002

Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Dept.
Charlotte, NCUSA
We decorated 1500 bags!
About our project: This was a countwide project, which we took to 13 schools and 18 recreation centers. The bags were given out at "Meck-Fest" which was the day before "Earth Day"."Meck-Fest" is a festival that allows the citizens of Mecklenburg County an opportunity to see how their county govt. works and have fun learning.With each bag given the receiver was asked to use the bag two more times.This gave "our" bags four times to be used! How's that for recycling?

Report submitted on 4/1/2002

King Springs Elementary
Smyrna, GAUSA
We decorated 800 bags!
About our project: King Springs students used this project to send their messages for saving the environment to customers of their local grocery store.

Report submitted on 3/31/2002

Landfill of North Iowa
Mason City, IAUSA
We decorated 2300 bags!
About our project: I represent the Mason City Earthday Committee. Our volunteer committee organizes a citywide clean up every year around Earthday, including citywide programs focusing on environmental issues. 2001 was our 8the year for the celebration. It was our 2nd year for the Earthday grocery sack project. Students from all seven elementary schools, Harding, Newman, Hoover, Madison, Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt, were invited to decorate paper grocery sacks to be distributed in three major grocery stores the week of April 22nd. Over 2300 sacks were decorated by as many students. The program was so successful that most of the bags were used by customers within just a few hours and was very well received. We already have requests and plans in place to do the same project again in 2002. We feel that this project is a valuable link between students and people of all ages and backgrounds. Some sacks were even seen being used as curbside recycling containers for newspapers being set out for recycling. The schools are all very helpful and the students are excited to have a chance to see their work in the stores.

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Report submitted on 3/24/2002

Alysia Gard
Monroe County Solid Waste Management District
Bloomington, INUSA
We decorated 1500 bags!
About our project: Students from Templeton, Highland Park and University Elementary Schools all participated.

Report submitted on 12/13/2001

Kernsville Elementary School
Orefield, PAUSA
We decorated 650 bags!
About our project: Kernsville School, in the Parkland School District, participated in this program in April of 2000 and 2001. Weis/Kings Supermarket in Schnecksville, PA, donated the bags. As a thank you to participants, the Earth Day Groceries Project added a random drawing in 2001. Ten winners received tree planting kits and recycled pencils, T-shirts for the teachers, and a wooden plaque. One grand prize winner received these prizes and also 1500 reams of recycled paper donated by International Paper. Kernsville School was excited to learn that they were the Grand Prize Winners! “We encouraged people to reduce, reuse, and recycle by coming to Weis/Kings Supermarket in Schnecksville and using our colorful bags!” said Pat Bender, the 4th grade teacher who organized the project. “We decorated over 650 bags!” On November 9, students at Kernsville were involved in an all-day program. The day began with Rachael Paulson, an environmental author, collaborating with Nancy Nahrgang, Kernsville’s art teacher, in creating a 5 foot by 10 foot mural with selected 4th and 5th grade students and middle school representatives from Global Kids in New Jersey. This mural reflected an environmental theme. The mural will be displayed in the school this year. Ms. Paulson hopes to display the mural with others in the newly opened children’s museum in Los Angeles, California in the future. Ms. Paulson is the author of two environmental books: Sir Johnny’s Recycling Adventure and Johnny and the Old Oak Tree. At the assembly, the students learned about recycling from many people: Ms. Paulson, Sue Yenchko from International Paper, Kurt Fenstermacher from the county recycling center, and Walter Fox from Weis/Kings. After the assembly program, students were treated to drinks and cookies compliments of Weis/Kings. Rachael Paulson spent all day at Kernsville thanks to the joint contribution of Kernsville’s PTO and the American Forest and Paper Association. This day kicked off a year of many environmental awareness activities at Kernsville!

Report submitted on 11/29/2001

Voorheesville Elementary School
Voorheesville, NYUSA
We decorated 650 bags!
About our project: This was our third successful year participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project! Students in grades K-6 had the opportunity to participate. Our wonderful art instructor, Stacey Lazarus, coordinated the decorating of the Earth Day bags. Our bags were donated and then distributed by SuperValu.

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Report submitted on 10/26/2001

Jessica Gonzalez
Desert Vista High School
Phoenix, AZUSA
We decorated 25 bags!
About our project: i'm Jessica Gonzalez,i graduted from ironwood in it was either 96 or 97. I was a student at Ironwood from k-school to 6th grade. i remember doin this is school and i thought my siblings and neices and cousins would like to do it, it took a lot of time, but it kept them busy. well any way me and my siblings and neices and cousins got paper bag and grew all over them and gave them to our neighbors and parents. they loved them.

Report submitted on 9/8/2001

Chatsworth Avenue School
Larchmont, NYUSA
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: As part of our Outdoor Try Its badge, Brownie Troop 2621 decided to participate in the grocery bag decorating project. We wanted to decorate a lot of bags so we involved the entire 3rd grade at our elementary school. To get started, we got permission from our principal to give a presentation to each 3rd grade class and ask for their help in decorating bags as a take home project. Then we called our local Super Stop n Shop and asked for a donation of paper bags. The manager at this store was very excited to be involved in this project and gave us 500 paper bags. Next our troop decorated several bags. Using some of our decorated bags, we gave a presentation to each 3rd grade class about how paper bags help the environment and how we could help spread our environmental message on Earth Day by decorating grocery bags to be given out to customers at our local grocery store. We handed out 2 bags to each student who took them home over the weekend to color them. The completed bags were brought back to school and we collected them from each class. Finally, as a troop field trip, we walked to the grocery store to deliver our bags. The bags were handed out to customers on Earth Day. Overall our troop was able to deliver 200 decorated bags and earn our Outdoor tryit.

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Report submitted on 9/4/2001

Friendship Valley Elementary
Westminster, MDUSA
We decorated 350 bags!
About our project: Students used their Habits of Mind (creating, imagining,& innovating; applying past knowledge; checking for accuracy; and persisting) to help them send a very important message to the public. This is our third year participating and the students enjoy this activity each year.

Report submitted on 8/20/2001

Liberty Lake Elementary
Liberty Lake, WAUSA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: It was great fun. Kids loved it. The parents went to the store to buy grocies and get class mates bags.

Report submitted on 8/17/2001

Covenant Early Childhood Learning Center
Arlington, TXUSA
We decorated 120 bags!
About our project: I use this part of my teaching lesson for recycling and celebrating Earth Day. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it.

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Report submitted on 7/29/2001

Academia Arguello
Cordoba, Argentina
We decorated 70 bags!
About our project: Joining this project was a great learning experience for both, the children and the shop owners. We all enjoyed it and were very glad to participate.

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Report submitted on 7/24/2001


The Don't Be Crude Team
Victoria, TXUSA
We decorated 6500 bags!
About our project: We have been doing an art bag contest for the past two years with our county. Barbara, Lacy and Kate are three 4-H'ers that have started this project to get the elementary students involved in Earth Day. A local grocery store donates 6500 bags which the girls distribute to 16 elementary schools. About 6000 students will create art work with an Earth Day them which is judged by these girls. The winning art work is displayed at a local mall along with an awards ceremony at the mall. The rest of the bags are returned to the local grocery store to be used on Earth Day. We have reached an average of 25,000 people in the community to make them aware of Earth Day. Along with this project the girls also will be coordinating an envirofair for the elementary school students in this county as well as two other counties. We will be promoting Earth Day on a much larger scale in the year 2003. In the meantime, the girls have helped coordinate an Earth Day event for the elementary school in their area which includes 14 presenters from around the state. There are three schools that attend this day long celebration of Earth Day and this event reaches about 450 students. As you can see these 3 girls have been very active in promoting Earth Day. We, their parents, are very proud of them. We know that with kids like these our future will be in good hands.

Report submitted on 7/23/2001