Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Lenox Elementary School
Pompton Lakes, NJUSA
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: About our project: This was the first year that we participated in the program. The Lenox School students did a beautiful job decorating the bags. The project really made them think what Earthday was all about. Our local Pompton Lakes A&P generously donated the grocery bags. The children decorated 200 bags. The completed bags were returned to A&P for distribution to the shoppers. The children really enjoyed this project! We hope to increase our numbers next year.

Report submitted on 10/29/2001

Roosevelt Elementary
Portsmouth, OHUSA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: I incorporated this wonderful project into an Earth Day Unit I was doing in a fourth grade class during my student teaching. Thanks to all the other teachers our whole building was able to participate. It was a great success!

Report submitted on 6/4/2001

Wetzel Elementary School
Baumholder, OtherGermany
We decorated 400 bags!
About our project: We are a Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS), located in Baumholder, Germany. Parents of our students serve in the U.S. Army. Many have been deployed to Bosnia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. The bags were distributed at our military commissary on Earth Day.

Report submitted on 5/8/2001

Eleanor Slater
CES 163
Bronx, , NYUSA
We decorated 650 bags!
About our project: Children and teachers enjoyed this project.

Report submitted on 4/20/2001

J. d. Lever Elementary School
Aiken, SCUSA
We decorated 150 bags!
About our project: We talked about Earth Day, and sharing the earth. students brainstormed about wht kinds of activities we could do on Earth Day. Then, they decorated the bags!

Report submitted on 4/19/2001

Mellichamp Elem
Orangeburg, SCUSA
We decorated 270 bags!
About our project: Each student in our school decorated a bag as one of our Earth Day activities. We also planted flowers that are beneficial to wildlife in our flower beds that comprise part of our Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Report submitted on 4/15/2001

Blair Elementary School
Fairchild Air Force Base, WAUSA
We decorated 560 bags!
About our project: Blair School embraced Earth Day Bags as a school-wide project for the first time in April, 2000. Every student in Kindergarten through sixth grade designed and colored an Earthday Bag in art teacher Shelley Peterson's class. Classroom teachers used the Earth Day Bags as an opener for other Earth Day and environmental studies and activities. The decorated bags were displayed in the entrances and exits of the Fairchild Air Force Base Commisary, then distributed to customers on Earth Day. Blair students are planning on repeating the activity for Earth Day 2001.

Report submitted on 3/22/2001

Louisville, KYUSA
We decorated 100 bags!
About our project: Shady Park Key Market was happy to loan us the bags; the children decorated them, and they were returned to be used on Earth Day Weekend. The children enjoyed the project.This was Year 2000.

Report submitted on 3/22/2001

Mary Jane Goryl
St. Lawrence
Utica, MIUSA
We decorated 700 bags!
About our project: My Students used KID PIX in the Computer Lab and created posters about saving God's earth. They then pasted the posters on the brown bags gotten from Krogers in Utica. Krogers then dispensed them the day of the Earth day, April 22,2000. I had several students come with me when I delivered the bags to Krogers where I bought them an Ice Cream treat for helping me. We also had a local paper, the Macomb Daily, come and interview the students about why we should be taking care of the earth.

Report submitted on 3/20/2001

CMS and Parkview
Columbia, ILUSA
We decorated 850 bags!
About our project: We had Earthweek in 2000 which included contests and the earthday bag project.We decorated bags "borrowed" from our local grocery stores. Students sent messages that they care about our earth and environment. We also had trash to treasure contest, a poster contest and photo contest.We had prizes and participation certificates and popcorn parties.

Report submitted on 3/20/2001

Detroit Edison, a DTE Energy Company
Detroit, MIUSA
We decorated 300 bags!
About our project: DTE Energy is a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. DTE Energy’s principal operating subsidiary is Detroit Edison, an electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan. Detroit Edison has been involved in the Earth Day Grocery Bags project since 1998, although Y2000 is the first year we have reported. We sponsor and/or participate in many environmental activities around Earth Day and Arbor Day. We discovered the Earth Day Grocery Bags project and were so impressed that we have interjected ourselves into the process by obtaining bags from local grocers and supplying them to students at the various environmental events we sponsor. Last year we supplied bags at six different events in our southeastern Michigan service territory. We then returned them to the grocer (after Earth Day), but their customers still enjoyed receiving the message. The events were: 1. Earth Day Fair at a high school in Lake Orion, about 50 miles north of Detroit. 2. DTE Energy Detroit Bloomfest, a major flower show in downtown Detroit. 3. Earth Day event at Leslie Science Center in Ann Arbor, about 45 miles west of Detroit. 4. Belle Isle Nature Center Earth Day event, in Detroit. 5. Take Your Young Person to Work Day at our Detroit headquarters (our version of Take Your Daughter to Work Day, wherein we highlight utility and environmental careers and tie Earth Day into the event for our employees' children). 6. Recycling Jamboree sponsored by local Resource Authority in Ferndale, 10 miles north of Detroit.

Report submitted on 3/14/2001

Crawford Junior Preparatory School
Johannesburg, OtherSouth Africa
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project:

Report submitted on 3/11/2001

Briarcrest Elementary School
Seattle, WAUSA
We decorated 174 bags!
About our project: We had lots of fun with the Earth Day Groceries Project at Briarcrest Elementary School. Many of our 3rd and 4th graders in Mrs. Shirley’s, Mrs. Witzel’s, and Mrs. McPeak’s classes participated. First, many of the students decided upon Earth Day topics of interest, and began searching for information. After taking notes, and organizing their information, the students wrote organized paragraphs to put into a class newsletter. Copies of our Earth Day Newsletter went out to all homes at Briarcrest, and we also tucked a copy into each grocery bag that was sent out from the store! Some of the students created a multimedia project regarding earth day using Kid Pix. We practiced our draw skills on the computer in order to make signs and posters for our Grocery Bags display. We also needed to create Earth Day messages on our grocery bags. We displayed the decorated bags both at school, and at the QFC store, thanks to the help of our volunteers Rosemund Jaeger, Mark Golike, and his mom, Roberta. The bags were then sent home with customers on Earth Day!

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Report submitted on 3/10/2001

Almansor Center
So. Pasadena, CAUSA
We decorated 246 bags!
About our project: At first the class was reluctant to draw. As they began with some of my ideas, their creativity and learning began to take over. They came up with many wonderful ways of reminding people about conservation of water and electricity, saving the Rain Forest and endangered species. Everyone participated and had a good time. All decorating was done during their free time. We will definitely be participating again this year.

Report submitted on 3/8/2001

Lincoln County Solid Waste District
Newport, ORUSA
We decorated 2841 bags!
About our project: We live in a small rural county on the central coast of Oregon. The grocery bag project wsa a countywide effort, coordinated by the Lincoln County Solid Waste District. This (2000) was our first year of participation in teh project so we were not sure what to expect as we approached both the grocers and the schools. It was a pleasant surprise to find everyone enthusiastic and creative. One smaller grocer heard about the project and asked to be able to contribute bags for decorating. The project was a wonderful springboard for a variety of environmental lessons in the various elementary classrooms. Almost all of the elementary schools in our county partipated, by name they are: Waldport Elementary (Waldport, OR), Sam Case Elementary and Yaquina View Elementary (Newport, OR), Delake Elementary, Oceanlake Elementary and Taft Elementary (Lincoln City, OR), Arcadia Elementary and Mary Harrison Elementary (Toledo, OR), and Siletz Elementary (Siletz, OR). Collectively, these schools decorated 2,841 bags. We were pretty excited and overwhlemed. The coordinator for the project at the Lincoln County Solid Waste District was Aaron Cubic, District Manager. Participating grocery stores were: Clark's Market, Yachats, OR; Clark's Market, Waldport, OR; Ray's Food Place, Waldport, OR; JC Market, Newport, OR; Safeway Food & Drug, Newport, OR; Fred Meyer, Newport, OR; Kenny's IGA - Taft, Lincoln City, OR; Kenny's IGA - Lincoln City, Lincoln City, OR; Lincoln Beach Sentry, Lincoln City, OR; Price N Pride, Lincoln City, OR; Safeway Food & Drug, Lincoln City, OR; JC Sentry, Toledo, OR; Noel's Market, Siletz, OR; Logston Store, Logston, OR.

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Report submitted on 3/7/2001

Kathy Hogan

Woodland Elementary
Portage, MIUSA
We decorated 525 bags!
About our project: We did this as a DEW project, Drop Everything and Write. All students decorated the bag with a picture and a poem. This included all staff - custodians, sec. etc helped our special needs students and everyone else worked with the classroom teacher

Report submitted on 3/6/2001

Discovery School
Cuernavaca, OtherMexico
We decorated 2000 bags!
About our project: In 1999, we were the only school in Mexico participating in the project. This year, 2000 we invite four schools more and we decorate 2000 bags, one for each year. Discovery School's philosophy is full, of enviromental.We love this project and we will be inviting more schools for 2001, even though in Mexico there is no place that manufacture paper bags, that is why we have to continue supporting this project so the authorities and stores owners get conscius about using only non recyclable plastic bags. Please keep sending us paper bags. Thanks. Discovery School Children

Report submitted on 3/1/2001


We decorated 550 bags!

Report submitted on 2/28/2001

Jamie Scott
Brookhill Elementary
Athens, ALUSA
We decorated 350 bags!
About our project: This is the second year that Brookhill has participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. This has been done in conjunction with Learn and Serve Alabama. Brookhill looks forward to participating in April 2001.

Report submitted on 2/8/2001

Oak Terrace Elementary School
Highwood, ILUSA
We decorated 500 bags!
About our project: Our students were successful in understanding their relationship with recycling. They took their message to their homes and to their communities.

Report submitted on 2/1/2001