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Kala Krishnan
Abu Dhabi Indian School
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We decorated 600 bags!

About our project: This year, we were able to decorate 600 bags of various sizes given by the Home Centre, Abu Dhabi. Students ranging from kindergarteners, with the help of their parents, to the seniors, painted, drew and coloured the bags or did a collage showing very appealing and arresting pictures and slogans to draw the attention of the public to the need to act to save our planet. The store manager was also delighted they could help us reach out to a much larger number of customers than last year. He said the customers were very appreciative of the initiative taken by the school and loved the bags!

submitted on 5/4/2011

Kala Krishnan
Abu Dhabi Indian School
Abu Dhabi, . United Arab Emirates

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: Prakriti, the nature club, of the school has been trying to raise environment awareness among its students and staff for the past 19 years. We have participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project earlier, but have not sent in our reports. I think it is a great way of reaching out to the general community. Out here, not many stores pack goods in paper bags, though the trend of encouraging the use of one's own shopping bags and paper instead of plastic is catching up. Students ranging from the kindergartners to intermediate school enjoyed decorating the bags with relevant pictures covering many issues like energy, pollution, water and biodiversity to plead with the adult world to save this beautiful planet for the future. Home Centre, the store that supported our project, was also happy to be part of this novel project and reported positive feedback from the customers who were handed out these bags. We are happy to do our bit and thank you for the opportunity to reach out beyond school. We will certainly try to continue to participate every year.

submitted on 4/28/2010

Azza Al Awadi
Eben Dhaher Elementary School, (Madares Al Ghad)
RAK, . United Arab Emirates

We decorated 32 bags!

About our project: I came across your idea when I was still a student teacher doing my internship in some local school in the UAE and I was eager to try your idea with my students. finally 3 years later when i started teaching, I was able to try this idea with my students at Eben Dhaher Elementary school, in the UAE. The students enjoyed decorating the grocery bags and were enthusiastic about writing positive messages about caring about our planet Earth. Each paperbag was labeled with students name, age, and teacher’s email address so that recipents can share their comments with us after receiving it. I wanted to give my students the chance to promote their bags, so I arranged with Carrefour hypermarket – RAK to allow the students to come and talk to the shoppers and help the salespeople by using their recycled bags instead of plastic bags! We also got parents involved in helping the students to create a recycled project and we made a big display in the school’s reception so that all of our visitors can see it. We distributed the bags on the 20th of April as we couldnt leave the school on the 22nd as we have assessments and evaluation committee coming from the US to evaluate our school. We devoted one full week of environmental awareness activities including designing and promoting grocery bags, morninig assembly, planting trees, also the students had the chance to visit some governmental organizations including: The Higher Colleges of Technology (RAK women’s college), Ministry of Education and the Cultural Center to distribute flowers and wish people a "Happy Earth Day"! We got so much support from the local community as well as the local media. We had journalists and photographers taking photos of this event and it will be featured in two local newspapers tomorrow. We are very proud to be part of this campaign. Thank you so much Mr. Mark for sharing this wonderful idea with the students around the world and inspiring young teachers to participate in such a rewarding event. keep up the good work : ) Azza Al Awadi Eben Dhaher Elementary School Madares Al Ghad United Arab Emirates

submitted on 4/21/2010

Khawla Al Thani
Dar Al Marefa
Dubai, , United Arab Emirates

We decorated 60 bags!

About our project: With the support of the organic food & cafe in dubai, the children were able to decorate the recycled bags. A week of activities regarding the earth week like, decorating your own recycled bottle,one hour where lights/ whiteboards are off,dressed in earthy colours and children come in free dress and show the recycled clothes they have made. Awards were given to the students. Thanks to Mrs Miss Deirdre and Ms Belinda and the supportive teachers at dar al marefa.

submitted on 4/19/2009

Mona Abinader
Al Mizhar American Academy for Girls
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: I had been organizing activities to do throughout April dealing with Earth and the environment in preparation for Earth Day when I fell on this internet project. I was so excited and contacted a few stores before finding one that would be willing to do the project with our school. The girls are so excited about this and it has been so great to see the whole school community get involved and get into spreading the message and educating the community at large.

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submitted on 4/10/2008