Additional Reports

Hi. I read your invitation to participate back in March and decided that I would try to encourage our school to participate. We designed and coloured 273 bags which were delivered to one of our local IGA food stores and the customer response was very positive. One Woman decided that she would hang the bag on her wall after unpacking it. All the students and staff were enthused by the idea and the process. Thanks for the idea. I'd be real interested in knowing about your tabulated results. We'll look forward to doing the same again next year. Thanks again.
Roger Bockman
Grades 5/6
Nkwala Elementary
Penticton B.C.

From: Clear Springs Elementary <>
The students at Clear Springs School in Minnetonka Minnesota used your idea for decorating grocery bags. It was great! Thanks so much!

Hi from Dublin Middle School! Our seventh grade Topaz Team prepared about 100 bags and had the local grocery store Wade's hand them out. Thanks for the idea! We had fun and one of my old students, who helps bag the groceries, said he enjoyed reading the comments on the bags also.
Barbara Bell
Dublin Middle School
Dublin, Virginia
bbell @

Mark, Our project here at Indian Heights Elementary went very well! We involved the whole school and everyone decorated at least two bags. It seemed to be very well accepted by those participating in the project. We had a total of 953 bags! Looking forward to hearing from you with the total nation-wide. Great project!
Fred Henderson
Science Consultant
Indian Heights Elementary School
From: Janet Flowers

Our fourth grade participated in the project. We contributed 68 bags
Symington Elementary 4th grade
Kansas City, Missouri

Hi! Just a note to let you know that Hunters Woods Elementary School in Reston, Virginia, decorated 320 Earth Day Grocery Bags. The SCA voted to take on the project; 2 officers and the PTA president picked up bags from 3 local grocery stores. The Art teacher got in on the act, and soon we needed more bags! Everyone enjoyed the project; it's too bad that we couldn't work it out for students to deliver the completed bags, but I got some great pictures at one of the grocery stores. Thanks for the idea! I have a feeling it will become an annual event for us.
Karen Foley
Hunters Woods Elementary School
From: "Karen C. Foley"

Dublin Middle School in Dublin, V, participated in the grocery bag decorations for our local Wades grocery store. The manager supported it to the tune of 400 bags for the first time. All indications are it was very well received by the shoppers on the 22nd.
The artwork was exemplary and supportive.
Thank you for making this listing. We plan to expand this to all 600 students next year.

Hi Mark. That was a great idea. Thanks. Warner Elem. , 118 Star St., Spring Arbor, Mich. 49283 participated with 400 bags done for Hutch's Spartan Food Store. Thanks again for posting the idea.
Sharon Huntzinger, 5th Grade
From: Sharon Huntzinger

Our school, Wendell Watson Elementary in Lakeland, Florida, also participated in the "Earth Day" project. Our second and third grade classes sent a total of 250 decorated grocery bags to our local grocery store, Publix. We enjoyed this project and wanted to thank you for the wonderful idea!
Rhonda Zuehlke
Tawn Walls, etc!!!
From: "Tawn P. Walls 813/853-6060"

We received your email message about your Earth Day project and we would like to participate in it. We have gotten 90 grocery bags from Festival Foods, a grocery store in Omaha, NE. We have four third grade classes here at Bryan Elementary School so all of us are going to decorate a bag and the store will use them on Earth Day.
Please let us know how many bags were passed out and the schools that decorated bags. Thank you.
Ms. Petrocchi and 3rd graders at Bryan Elementary School
Internet Address:

Hey Mark, thanks a bunch for the great idea. Crest Kids Club produced 55 bags and thoroughly surprised the store manager with crayon colored phrases like "your mother is calling" and "I stoop for trash". Albertson's Supermarkets will never be the same...Onward, 20,000 bags or bust!
Bill Storms
Crest Kids Club
(after school care)
Eugene Oregon
Bill Storms
Talented and Gifted Institute
College of Education
University of Oregon

Dear Third Grade,
We are a third grade at Two Mile Prairie School in Columbia, Missouri. We participated in your activity by encouraging other classes in our school to take part also! The classes that were involved were first grade, second grade, third grade, fifth grade and sixth grade. We decorated a total of 125 bags and returned them to our local grocery store for distribution on Earth Day! Thanks for the opportunity. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon!
Judi Arni
Two Mile Prairie Elementary School
Columbia, Missouri

Hi Mark
Here are the numbers for Oaklands Elementary School, Victoria, B.C.
Altogether there were 293 bags distributed through two stores. One store was particularly pleased with the idea. What do you think of publishing a list of the stores that participated in the project?
Do you have any health regulations in the US that make this project difficult to sell to stores?
From: esbcvi02 (Jack Greenwell)

47 third grade students at Hillrise Elementary, Elkhorn, Nebraska, made grocery bags for Earth Day and gave them to our local grocery store for distribution. This project will done jointly with high school students from the FHA (Future Homemakers of America) who facilitated.
Joan Anthony
Hillrise Elementary
400 Hopper
Elkhorn, NE 68022
From: Joan Anthony